Gang Chen

Gang Chen, Ph. D.
Associate Professor
Department of Geographic Information Science
School of Geography and Ocean Science
Nanjing University
No. 22, Hankou Road
Nanjing, 210093
P. R. China
+86-025-86260636 (H)
Education and Academic Background
Ph.D., Cartography and GIS, Nanjing University, 2008, Doctoral Dissertation: “Liuchao-Jiankang Historical Geography and GIS Application
M.A., Cartography and GIS, Nanjing University, 1999, M.A. Thesis: “A Preliminary Study on Hypermedia Information Organization and Presentation in GIS
B.A., GIS, Nanjing University, 1996
Teaching Experience ( Courses )
Sept. 1999 ~ Present     Nanjing University
ü    Digital Terrain Modeling (Undergraduate Courses, From Fall 2001)
ü    Multimedia Technologies and Application (Undergraduate Courses, From Fall 2000)
ü    Principle of Web GIS (Undergraduate Courses, From Spring 2011)
ü    Design and Implementation of GIS Project (Postgraduate Courses,From Fall 2000, Involved in teaching )
ü    Selected Topics on GIS (Undergraduate Courses, From Spring 2000, Involved in teaching )
May 2009 ~ July 2009   University of Waterloo, Canada
     (Visiting Scholar Supported by the Faculty Exchange Program of Sino-Canadian College in the University of Waterloo, in the Department of Geography and Environmental Management, Faculty of Environment.Contact Prof: Dr.Douglas Dudycha)
ü    Attend courses: Spatial Analysis Using GIS, Spatial Databases
ü    Chair Workshop: A Preliminary Study on Urban Historical Geography Using Historical Documents and GIS Technologies
Aug. 2005 ~ Dec. 2005   Tibet University
     (Participated in Volunteer Teachers Program for Tibet High Education, and taught two courses (listed below) at Tibet University, Lhasa.)
ü    Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
ü    Digital Terrain Modeling
On 17-28 October, 2005, I participated in the Regional Training / Workshop on “Geo-Informatics for Water Resources Management”, which was held by the International Center for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) and Tibet Institute of Water Resource Planning and Surveying in Lhasa, Tibet, P. R. China. In the training course, I acted as an assistant for ArcGIS operation and gave a lecture named “Geographic Information Technologies and Applications in Water Resource Management”.
Research Interests
My research Interests are focused on the Applications of GIS, especially in Historical Geography Studies; Urban Historical Geography of Nanjing; Computer Aided Historical Map Design and Compilation; Digital Terrain Modeling and Watershed Management using GIS.
Selected Publications
ü    Gang Chen, Congcong Wu; Jingsong Ma; Yingxia Pu; Jiechen Wang. "An integrated approach of Multi-Criteria Suitability Evaluation and Cellular Automata modeling for urban growth simulation," Geoinformatics, 2010 18th International Conference on , vol., no., pp.1-4, 2010. EI
ü    Gang Chen, Congcong Wu; Yingxia Pu ; Jingsong Ma; Jiechen Wang. "Reasearch on the spatial autocorrelation of economic growth in Shandong Province based on county scale," 2010 International Conference on Computer Application and System Modeling (ICCASM), vol.5, no., pp.V5-245-V5-249, 2010. EI
ü    Chen Gang. The Administrative District’s Changes and Regional Development of Danyang Jun during the Western Han Dynasty and the Six Dynasties (in Chinese). Journal of Chinese Historical Geography, 2008, Vol. 23, No.2, 91-101.
ü    Chen Gang, Zhang Xingqi, Li Manchun. River Basin Modeling and Water Resources Management Supported by MIKE BASIN —— A Case Study of Dazi County, Tibet (in Chinese). Geo-information Science, 2008, Vol. 10, No. 2. 230-236.
ü    Chen Gang, Li Manchun, Chen Dong. Compilation of Thematic Maps in Historical Geography Studies for Jiankang in the Period of the Six Dynasties (220~589 A.D.). Proceedings of SPIE: Geoinformatics 2007. Vol. 6751.
ü     Chen Gang. A Talk on the Application of Hypermedia Geographic Information Technology in Research on Historical Geography in Jiankang in the Six Dynasties (in Chinese). Journal of Nanjing Xiaozhuang College, 2004, Vol. 20, No.3, 41-45.

ü    Li Manchun, Ren Jianwu, Chen Gang and Zhou Yankun. Design and Implementation of Geographic Information Systems (in Chinese). Beijing: Science Press of China, 2003.